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Issue 333, June 2020

Hi and welcome to the June Orange Rag!

The newsletter comes out as the COVID-19 lockdown is easing globally, albeit the majority of the legal sector continues to work from home, and those of us with kids wonder how the bloody hell the summer holidays are going to work, particularly as we’ve sworn not to drink any more gin. 

Thanks for your overwhelmingly positive feedback on the new look Orange Rag. Now much easier to navigate (click the 3 lines in the top right corner to jump straight to the stories you want), the Rag is more than ever your definitive source for the month’s biggest moves, deals and stories. 

On our front page is the breaking news that legal management consultancy business Janders Dean has been acquired by Morae Global -  Morae, you will recall, acquired Phoenix Business Solutions last year (and Clutch Group in 2017). The acquisition follows several joint ventures and collaborations between Janders Dean and Morae, which plans to further invest and expand the advisory team over the coming year. 

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– Caroline Hill, Editor-in-Chief

Morae Global Corporation has acquired respected legal management consultancy Janders Dean in a deal designed to give Morae a UK-based legal advisory practice group with a particular eye on the large law private practice and corporate legal market.  

The eight-strong UK and APAC-based Janders Dean team will complement Morae’s existing US-based advisory team and will assist clients with legal spend management, resource management, process and policy enhancement, and technology and knowledge service transformation. 

Morae, which now has around 600 staff off which around 120 are in the UK, is headquartered in Texas but in May last year began further building out its UK presence with the acquisition of document and information management company Phoenix Business Solutions. Morae is now organised along the lines of managed services, headed by James Rojas; legal technology, now headed by David Boswell (who took over the role in January); and strategic solutions, headed by Joy Saphla. Boswell took over from Phoenix founder and former CEO Matt Crocker, who has been promoted to chief strategy officer for both managed services and legal technology.

The Janders Dean team of senior analysts and consultants in the UK and APAC will continue to be led by founder Justin North in his new role as a managing director. The team will report into Rojas and help to effectively weaponi